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Natural Swimming Pool Links & Information

  • Michael Littlewood Landscape Architect and principal at Ecodesignscape in England. Michael pioneered the introduction of NSP's in England and in the United States
  • B!otop invented the technology of the swim pond over a decade ago in Austria and has franchised operations throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England.
  • Bionova has emerged as B!otops's main competitor and it's site is filled with useful information. This site is in German but has been translated automatically by Google so it is not entirely grammatically correct
  • Total Habitat Total Habitat is located in Wichita KS and is one of the few U.S. builders of Swim ponds.
  • GartenART An English company specializing in NSP construction. This site also has some good technical information.

General Links

  • SF Renovations is a very talented and creative remodeling construction company located in San Francisco, CA. Their craftsman built most of the wood structures at Pikake Gardens
  • Our Tuscan Rental Located in Montefienali which is a borgo or village of approximately twenty seven villas completing the community around the seventeenth century palace named Villa Albizi is Out Tuscan Rental. Think five star resort! Authentic finishings with exquisite attention to detail coupled with every modern convenience with an incredible view of the hills and valley of Chianti.
  • Planetscapes an interior plantscaping design, installation and service company for your live plants in San Diego County.

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