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Alta Vista Gardens

AVG Logo 2008  In conjunction with the City of Vista, we are creating a gardObelisk 6en for our  community and for all of San Diego County. Alta Vista Botanical Gardens harmoniously incorporates education, nature and art

Alta Vista Gardens is in the early stages of developing a new standard for  botanical gardens. Rather than taking the conventional approach of creating just another living  plant museum, this garden is becoming a gathering place for the community. One  key attraction of the garden is the integration of art throughout the  project, giving artists a magnificent showcase to display their talents. From  garden art to sculptures, to walkways and walls created by some of the areas  most talented artisans are on display

A.V.G. Mission Statement: Alta  Vista Gardens has been established to create a botanical garden for the  education, enlightenment and inspiration of our children, and the child within  us all. The garden fosters involvement of the community in efforts, both  local and abroad, to protect and preserve endangered habitats, which are vital  to the health of our planet and all of her inhabitants. It is a place to  reflect, relax and recharge. The gardens are a living, changing and  interactive environment which brings together people, nature and art. It serves as a gathering place, an educational center, a forum for the arts and an  exhibit of the most remarkable, beautiful and rare plants in the world.

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